Marissa Dyke, Mother

I would whole heartedly recommend Emily to anyone wanting piano lessons, especially for their children. She connected with my daughter from the beginning and I immediately noticed a willingness and eagerness to improve and play that my daughter had not previously displayed with her previous teachers. Emily is kind, patient and always encouraging which has helped my daughter blossom

Linda Irvine, Grandmother

Emily is a very talented pianist on her own. She is so patient with teaching my young granddaughter. She has made it fun to learn and accepts her accomplishments at her own pace. I am very grateful to hear beautiful music coming from her room as she plays. Emily lets Kelsee help choose her harder music pieces. Thank you, Emily. You are the perfect teacher for my granddaughter

Sherry Baum, Adult Student

Emily is a great teacher for adults and children. She has helped me and the improvement is noticeable. She’s kind, funny and caring; making the lessons an enjoyable experience. She makes me want to try harder and learn more. If your looking for in person or even online lessons, Emily is the best choice, I’ve been standing piano for 3 years and haven’t had any improvement until I’ve studies with her!