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Musical Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is just around the corner!   So if you’ve got a budding musician at home be sure to add in a music themed gift or two.  It’s sure to bring a smile to their face! Not to mention, show your support for their love of music.

To make it easier for you here are my top picks for a Musical Christmas Gift List Guide!

Musical T-Shirts

Nothing says "I'm a Musician" more than a well designed music themed t-shirt. These are affordable and so much fun to give and receive. I love this one above (Put on a Happy F-A-C-E) that spells out Face using the treble clef notes. Clever and oh-so-cute! You can purchase this one by clicking here.  

Here's some other great ideas and don't forget there are loads more on or

Christmas Tree Ornament

This is a MUST for any piano lover. You just have to represent those ivory keys on your Christmas Tree. This minature grand piano, complete with strings and a lifted lid is a good choice. You can purchase the Grand piano by clicking here.

Want an upright piano rather than a grand? Check out this option here.

Piano Bag/Tote Bag

I absolutely love this piano book bag! I recommend this to my students all the time - it's waterproof, has lots of handy pockets for other materials (pencils, flashcards) and very sturdy. Compared to the other bags on the market this is one of my go-to's. Purchase this

Musical Book Bag by clicking here.

Musical Necklace

This is a really thoughtful sweet gift to give that centers on the love for music. The upside down treble clef and right-side up bass clef make a heart shape - pretty neat eh? A great choice to brighten anyones day. Purchase the musical necklace by clicking here.


Absolutely LOVE this sweater (hint hint to my piano students). And who wouldn't love to receive a comfortable sweater to wear during the chilly months of winter? Playful, fun and oh so comfy. Get yours by clicking here!

Piano Pin

I think this is SUCH a beautifully made cute pin to sport on a blouse, shirt or even a handbag. It's a sweet little gift that's perfect for a stocking stuffer or thoughtful gift to any musician in your life. Purchase this whimsical pin here.

Pianist Pebble Art 

These are truly unique! Personalized and made to order, these handmade unique piano pebble art pieces made in the UK are such a thoughtful gift. It ties together art and nature (my two greatest loves) which is beautiful. You can purchase one of these by clicking here. Just be careful because these do take longer to receive since it's shipping from UK and it's made to order. So you'll need to order clear in advance for the holidays.

Modern Piano Art

I had waaaaaaay too much fun looking at all these different art pieces. Any of these would be such a neat addition to your pianists bedroom. You can purchase the one above here.

Love this minimalistic piece of a Girl at piano. Another print I'd love to have!

For the Jazz Lover

Love this modern print of jazz musicians playing. Such a neat idea for any pianist who loves jazz piano! You can purchase this by clicking here.

Hope this helps you find that perfect gift for your musician at home - or even yourself! Let me know about your favorite musical gift in the comments below.

Happy Holidays!

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