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Help! I'm Playing In Church Tomorrow!

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

I've got several well loved (and well worn) hymn piano arrangement books - but I'll be the first to admit I'm SOOOO bored of them. Here's a little cheat for you .... check out Free LDS sheet music for LOADS of great, fresh ideas for FREE. By composers young and old.

If you're in a similar boat and need some fresh new music to add to your library here are some great fresh finds:

1. Nearer By God To Thee

This is a great piece that adds a bit of new age but not over the top so that its inappropriate for sacrament meeting.

'This is my favorite arrangement. Whenever I perform this people later tell me how they felt the spirit while I performed it. That is the best compliment I could ever get because it tells me I was inspired. Feel free to play measures 48-50 over and over again. They are the best part. Enjoy!"

Listen to the original here:

Print for FREE here:

2. Give Said the Little Stream

I don't hear Primary songs performed as piano solos that often in sacrament meeting and I feel like performing one would be - in a way - a breath of fresh air. I like this arrangement because its simple but beautiful.

Print for FREE here:

3. I Need Thee Every Hour

One of my favorite hymns and this is a great arrangement. From the composer:

"This was arranged to be performed during sacrament meeting. The piece is characterized by a distinct melody that is meant to flow in conjunction with the supporting left hand parts. Rubato is recommended when performing this piece, while also staying true to the worshipful intent of the lyrics."

Print for FREE here:

4. In Humility, Our Savior

Song background:

"I love the subtly beautiful hymns that are often overlooked in our hymn book.  I believe most of the sacrament hymns fall into this category.  "In Humility" caught my attention when my husband mentioned that the tenor part to this song made it one of the most beautiful hymns.  I then gave it more attention and realized the melody was also simply beautiful, and the lyrics are very powerful.  I always keep the lyrics in mind when I arrange a song about Christ, so that the listener can feel the power and beauty of each phrase." - Shari Orme  

Print for FREE here:

5. All Creatures of our God and King

One of my favorites to play and this is a great rendition!

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